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Which Assistive Technology Products are supported by the Training Portal?

We’re constantly adding additional videos to our Training Portal, and are always looking to expand the capacity of what we already cover.

Currently our Portal supports the following Assistive Technology:

Audio Notetaker


Our range of Videos for Audio Notetaker will ensure that you’re making the most of your software, covering both Windows and Mac



ClaroRead has a wide range of functionality, and our Videos will ensure you can utilise them all. Covering both Windows and Mac Versions.



Dragon is a powerful piece of software, and our training videos will help you to tame it to your needs! Videos for both Windows and Mac versions.

Global AutoCorrect


Global AutoCorrect primarily runs in the background, but our videos will help you to maximise the effectiveness of this great piece of software. Covering both Windows and Mac versions.



Inspiration helps you to create fantastic Mind Maps, and our videos will help guide you to create effective and efficient plans and maps. Covering Windows and Mac versions.



MindView has a whole host of function and features to utilise, our Video Guides will ensure you’re making use of everything you need to. Covering both Windows and Mac versions.

Olympus DM-670 Recorder


The Olympus DM-670 is an invaluable tool for recording lectures, our Video guides can help you to maximise the benefit you can reap from it. Covering both Windows and Mac.

Olympus Sonority Audio Notebook


Olympus Sonority enables you to organise and utilise your Audio Recordings. Our video guides can show you what else can be done with this great program. Covering both Windows and Mac versions.

TextHELP Read&Write

TextHELP Logo

We’ve got a great collection of videos for TextHELP’s Read&Write, helping you to uncover all of the features and benefits of this program, covering both Windows and Mac versions of the software.

There is always more content coming to the Portal, stay tuned below for all of the latest new videos and content.

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